NDT Classroom Training Courses

Introduction to Non-Destructive Testing

New to NDT?  Do you work for a NDT company?  Then this course is for you!  Course covers the five basic NDT methods, Materials & Processes, basic metalurgy, and the certification and qualification process requirements.

Magnetic Particle Testing I/II

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT or MPI) is a Conventional Testing Method which involves the component/part under inspection being magnetized.

Liquid Dye Penetrent Testing I/II

Liquid Penetrant Testing teaches students the basic principles governing the Testing and Inspection Process and familiarizes them with the different types of parts tested. 

Visual Testing I/II

The inspector's role begins well before welding starts, continues during the welding operation, involves action after welding is completed. Learn the functions and responsibilties of a an inspector.

Ultrasonic Testing Level I/II

Ultrasonics uses transmission of high-frequency sound waves into a material to detect imperfections or to locate changes in material properties.  The most commonly used ultrasonic testing technique is pulse echo, wherein sound is introduced into a test object and reflections (echoes) are returned to a receiver from internal imperfections or from the part's geometrical surfaces.

Electromagnetic Testing Level I/II

This Course provides a basic knowledge of Eddy Current Testing fundamentals and enables the technician to perform eddy current testing to established procedures.

Radiation Safety 40 Hour Course

The Radiation Safety 40 Hour course instructs students in the safe handling of radiological materials and X-Ray equipement, and prepares the student to take a State Card or IRRSP exam.

Radiographic Testing Level I/II

In addition to the Level I requirements - the Level II will learn how to Produce written instructions, determine the best inspection techniques for the individual parts, process the test pieces, record and report defects from known markers, carry out pre-test calibration checks and post-test procedures

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